The Plum Hollow Band

The Plum Hollow BandThe music of Barney Barnwell and the Plum Hollow Band rolls out of the Blue Ridge Mountains like an overloaded pulpwood truck with no brakes. Succeeding against the odds, they have thrived due to guts, talent, experience and absolute faith.

Barney Barnwell and the Plum Hollow Band bridge high energy bluegrass with rock and roll, extolling the virtues of their original Mountain Rock.

Touring the collegiate circuit for the past five years, Barney Barnwell and Plum  Hollow Band have amassed an enormous grass roots following. Their performances provide a unique foot-stomping, humorous, and culturally significant experience.

The band also sponsors the annual ” Moonshiner’s Reunion ” on Barney’s fifty acre farm. Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this festival celebrates Mountain Rock, mountain culture, and their commitment to quality entertainment.

The goal of these musicians is to share their belief that Mountain Rock will be realized and appreciated for the unique and raucous sound born out of mountain heritage and individual pride.