If you’re looking for an authentic folk art exhibit for your next event, look no further than “Rent-A-Still.” Through this exhibit we aim to represent a part of Southern culture that has almost been forgotton. At one time moonshining was not only a way of life for many families throughout the rural Southland, but was also a means of survival. You can be assured that this educational and unique exhibit will be the hit of any event. Everything is included (except revenuers we hope). The three “moonshiners” that operate the mock still are the banjo picker, guitarist and fiddler from the Plum Hollow Band (also known on the college circuit as Woodstick). This marks thirty years of performing together. The group has performed for countless events from Eagle, Colorado to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Moreover, the group is no strangers to the festival industry. In 1976 they started their own Plum Hollow Bluegrass Festival. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, running festivals in South Carolina. This is proof that this group really knows how to entertain a crowd and keep them coming back.

Eleven years ago Plum Hollow started the infamous Moonshiners Reunion and Mountain Music Festival. It has been referred to as one of the most unique Southern cultural events in the Southeast. The Chicago Tribune quoted the Moonshiners Reunion, along with comedian Jeff Foxworthy, as being instrumental in allowing Southerners to laugh at themselves.

Barney Barnwell, owner of Plum Hollow, was born into a moonshining family and five generations of banjo pickers which became his inspiration for the Moonshiners Reunion. Old moonshiners and visitors come from all over the world to participate in this cultural celebration. Barnwell has well documented the tall tales and stories described from these old timers of an era gone by. Such stories soon become Plum Hollow songs or tales that are sang and told in front of the still exhibit.

So when the group brings out the “Rent-A-Still”, it’s not just another folk art exhibit. It’s an educational journey into our past and a way to share knowledge of our heritage that’s only known by a few. Stories are told and sung by fun loving musicians and entertainers who will leave you learning and gaining a little something that you didn’t know or have before. No one has ever left the “Still” exhibit without a smile on his face.

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